Adding a project to Everest

Hi guys!

This time I will show you how to add a project to

1. Visit site
2. Log in Metamask.

We need some EHT for gas and 10 DAI for adding project.

Firstly, check if your project wasn’t added already.

3. In Search field type the name of your project.

If you can’t find the project, you can add it in the following way.

4. Click Sign in and connect Metamask wallet with site.
5. Now you can click this icon and see your wallet number on the opened page.
6. Click Add a Project.

7. You can see a form, fill it carefully. You will need to download pictures for logo and project image, which I did in advance. At the end, click Add project.

8. Firstly, sign the message (click Sign).
9. Then confirm the transaction (click Confirm).

10. Wait till transaction ends successfully.

In order our project to be displayed we need to reopen the page. I click another page and then return to my profile page.

11. Now, we can see the added project.

That’s it. Hopefully, it was helpful for you.

You can see more detailed steps in my video here:

Don’t hesitate to say thank you if you find my content useful.

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