Adding KEEP Tokens to the Liquidity Pool on Uniswap

In this article I will show you in pictures how to add your KEEP PFK reward or the KEEP tokens to the liquidity pool on Uniswap.

1. Visit
2. Enter Metamask.

Connect the wallet where the PFK reward was sent (or where you hold your KEEP tokens).

The wallet displays in the right.

3. Click Pool. Then click Add Liquidity.

If you add to the pool ETH KEEP, leave top input field ETH without any changes.

4.Click Select a token.

5. Now you need to enter the address of KEEP token. See the description below the video.

6. Copy the address.
7. Paste the address into the input field.

KEEP will be displayed. Select it.

8. Input the amount in KEEP tokens (the one you want to add).

ETH amount will be calculated automatically.

9. Click Approve KEEP.
10. In Metamask click Confirm to give Uniswap permission to spend your KEEP tokens.

11. Wait till the transaction will be confirmed.

12. Click Supply.
13. Then click Confirm Supply.
14. Confirm the transaction in Metamask.
15. After the transaction is submitted, click Close.
16. You can see your pool share, KEEP and ETH amount added.
17. Here you can see your transaction on Etherscan.

Follow my Youtube channel Crypto Knopp for more videos on the topic. Good luck to everyone!