Adding tBTC liquidity to pool


Below, I’ll show you the way to add tBTC liquidity to pool.

1. Log in to metamask. Visit
2. My address connected instantly and I can see my wallet adress; if yours not, click Change wallet.
3. Select tBTC.
4. Click Deposit tab.

I already have tBTC in my Metamask wallet. If you want to know how to buy tBTC please see my previous article.

5. By default Use maximum of coins available is set, you can remove this checkbox, and set any amount that you are ready to provide.

You can click Deposit: that means you will just provide liquidity and will receive some profit per cent to your bitcoin; or you can select Deposit & stake in gauge, and besides bitcoin rewards, you can stake pool tokens and farm additional Curve tokens.

6. I select Deposit & stake gauge.

Now you have to approve 4 transactions:
a) You allow curve to spend your tbtc (click Confirm)
b) You deposit you tbtc token in pool (click Confirm), as a result you will get tBTC/sbtcCrv token.
c) You should allow to spend this token to be able to stake it (click Confirm).
d) You stake your tBTC/sbtcCrv token (click Confirm).

7. Confirming the transactions.

I show you all my successfull transactions in this video:

8. After all transactions were approved, you can select “Profit” tab and see your stats.
Stats: how much your deposit is,
pool profit,
profit in curve tokens.

Also you can switch between tabs and see profit in usd, btc or tokens:

This is your percent of pool:

That’s it, good luck in gaining DeFi profit with tBTC. If my article was useful, don’t be shy to say thank you!

My ETH address: 0x2fA96800f56b1b3f58A1eA3223BBb3d2dc8b494F