Swapping assets to tBTC via 1inch


Hi guys! Below is the way you can swap your assets to tBTC via 1inch Exchange.

1. Visit 1inch.exchange.
2. Log in Metamask.
3. Connect Metamask with 1nch. Click Connect wallet, select Metamask, accept terms.

If everything is OK, we see our wallet address in the right upper corner of the screen.

4. In the left, select what you want to change, I want to exchange WBTC but you can select any of your asset (eth, usdt etc.).
5. In the right, select tbtc, enter amount for exchange.
6. Click Swap now, click Verify, confirm in Metamask, wait for swap.
7. After the transaction was successfully sent, click the transaction hash.
8. You can see all the swapping actions which 1inch executed for the swap.
9. Click the Assets tab in Metamask. We can’t see our tBTC, we need to add it.
10. Click on tBTC in transaction, copy contract address.
11. Select in Metamask Add token — Custom token — Insert contract which you copied, click Next — Add tokens
12. Return to the assets.

Now you can see your tBTC.

Hopefully, this was helpful for you!

You can also use the video if you are more used to:

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