Voting for a challenged project on Everest

Hi guys.

In this article, I will show you how to vote for a challenged project via

1. Visit site

2. Log in Metamask. Connect wallet to the site. See this article on the connecting procedure.

We need some EHT for gas.

3. Click the Projects tab.
4. Click All and then Challenged projects.
5. Select the project you want to vote for.
6. Read the description and vote for “Keep” or “Remove”.
7. Select your project.

I have one, but you can have more and you can select any project which you want to vote with.

8. Click Vote.
9. Confirm the transaction.

10. Now you can see that the amount of votes increased. It means, you successfully voted.

For more detailed procedure, watch this video:



Welcome all the crypto enthusiasts!

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